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Screen dump from Linux/X-Windows version of
Movement Controller, 
showing the windows for the heavy-unit-load conveyor system, the palletiser,
the carton conveyors and pick-to-light system, and the stores (racking diagram).

Woodgrove Digital Engineering P⁄L has been providing computer, PLC and microprocessor based software for the Industrial Automation Industry, with particular emphasis in the area of Warehouse Automation, since 1983.

We are also associated with the THE SAFETY HINDSIGHT FACTOR, which looks to improve workplace safety.

A second division of the company has been created to provide for Home Entertainment Products.

Industrial Automation Division

Our Industrial Automation Division Industrial Automation Division provides software for computers, PLCs, and micro-processors. The centre-piece of this division is the software package we call the “Movement Controller”. A screen dump from this package is presented at the right.


Screen dump from computer system that records the use made of

Our association with the THE SAFETY HINDSIGHT FACTOR has led to the development of an electronic device, which we call the “H.E.A.D”, to assist in the promotion of safe work practices. This device reports to a computer system, which records the use of the devices. A screen dump from this computer system, showing its emulation of the device, is presented at the left.

Home Entertainment Division

Our Home Entertainment DivisionHome Entertainment Division provides a software package for the loading and playing back of music from large CD collections. This software package is called “The mUser”. A screen dump of a couple of its displays is presented below.

We also have a software package for the selection of videos, which we call, correspondingly, “The vUser”s. A few screen dumps from this package are also presented below.

Screen dump of the Juke Box window, of the music play-back
     system, known as The mUser
Main Video Display Main Video Display

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