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Conveyor PLC Code Generator

This software, a part of the “Movement Controller”, generates Allen-Bradley PLC-5 or SLC-500 code for heavy-unit-load conveyor systems. This code can be downloaded to a PLC-5, an SLC-500, or executed within the computer with a remote I/O system, or without for simulation purposes. The code includes the following features:

  • Automatic and manual control of conveyor systems, including:
    • Reversible drives
    • Dual speed and variable speed drives
    • Conveyors with multiple loads
    • Transfer conveyors
    • Elevators and hence multi-level conveyor systems
    • Turntables, scissor lifts, alignment bars and drop rollers
    • Emergency stops and forklift detection loops
    • Concurrent load transfers
    • Other devices as defined by the user,
  • Interlocking of outputs,
  • Tracking of loads - conveyors only run when necessary,
  • Automatic recovery from load overruns,
  • Alarming of:
    • Watchdogs on load movements and device operations
    • Photocells in incorrect state with filtering to prevent nuisance alarms,
    • Contactor feedback,
    • Motor isolators,
    • Thermal overloads,
    • Emergency stops,
    • Forklift excessive dwelling on loop detector,
    • Other alarms as defined by the user,
  • Timing of transfers to allow fast tuning during commissioning,
  • Field emulation for simulation purposes,
  • Support for user traffic-control software - decisions as to which of two loads may run at a merge, and when to index loads to the front of multiple load conveyors,
  • Provision for user-added software for control extraneous to the conveyor system,
  • Full address comments are generated,
  • A list of required inputs and outputs is generated, assisting the electrical design.

The steps, involved in configuring the heavy-unit-load conveyor system, are described in the section Defining Heavy-Unit-Load Conveyor

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