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Industrial Automation

Heavy-Unit-Load Conveyor System Overview

Below is the overview of the conveyor system for P&O Cold Storage at Laverton II, as presented on a “Movement Controller” screen.

This warehouse features six stacker cranes, retrieving pallets from pallet stands rising from the conveyors. In the diagram below (from the MS-DOS version of the “Movement Controller”), the six cranes are shown at the infeed/outfeed positions, with the pallet stands at the outfeeds raised ready to accept pallets from the cranes, while those at the infeeds are lowered, expecting pallets from the conveyor system.

Screen dump from DOS version of
Movement Controller, 
showing the conveyor system overview, converted to a “gif” file, 
thereby losing some of the colour definition

Just beyond the infeeds to the freezer and chiller conveyors are loaded-pallet detierers, beyond these are double alignment bars, followed by sizing stations and board checkers prior to the reject outfeeds.

Full status of the conveyor system, in the area centred on the cursor, will be displayed in response to the operator typing ‘Z’. Heavy-Unit-Load Conveyor Zoomed

For detailed information on the operator interface, please refer to the Operator's Manual section Heavy-Unit-Load Conveyors. For information on how to define the conveyor system, please refer to Defining Heavy-Unit-Load Conveyor or the Operator's Manual setcions Defining the Heavy-Unit-Load Conveyor System, Enter or Modify Device Types, Fast Definition of Conveyor System, Enter or Modify the Conveyors, Enter or Modify the Transfers, and Create, Edit, Compile and Execute.