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Industrial Automation

Heavy-Unit-Load Conveyor System Zoomed Manual

Below is presented the zoomed in display of the conveyor system for P&O Cold Storage at Laverton II, with manual control.

In the diagram below (from the MS-DOS version of the “Movement Controller”), is shown the detierer (M02A), still enabled for automatic operation, followed by M03A, with its double alignment bars, M07A, with its sizing station, its board checker, and its transfer to M05A lowered, M08A, M10C with its transfer from M08A raised, M10B, with its transfer lowered, M10A with its freezer door closed, followed by M12A.

Screen dump from DOS version of
Movement Controller, 
showing a portion of the conveyor system in detail and under manual control,
converted to a “gif” file, thereby losing some of the colour

The chains shown in green or blue (depending on the direction) are running, those in yellow are in manual and enabled to run (otherwise they would have been grey), whilst those in red are in automatic and currently stopped. The load in the picture had been travelling under automatic control until it reached this position where it must wait for conveyor M10 to be returned to automatic before continuing.

Conveyors M03, M05, M07 (including M04), M08, M10 (including M09 and M11), and M12 (including M13) are all enabled for manual control. The rest are continuing to operate in automatic.

The diamond indicates which manual commands are in force. Because of F1, conveyor M05A is running, whilst, because of F5, conveyors M03, M07, M08 and M09 (at M10C) are all running. Because of F8, conveyors M10 and M12 should both be running, however, since the freezer door is still closed (at M10A), M10 does not run. Even under manual control, the basic interlocks continue to function.

To open the doors, the cross hairs should be moved to conveyor position M10A. The UP and DOWN push buttons shown above to control the transfer conveyor at M07A will be replaced with OPEN and CLOSE push buttons to control the door.

For detailed information on the operator interface, please refer to the Operator's Manual section Heavy-Unit-Load Conveyors. For information on how to define the conveyor system, please refer to Defining Heavy-Unit-Load Conveyor or the Operator's Manual setcions Defining the Heavy-Unit-Load Conveyor System, Enter or Modify Device Types, Fast Definition of Conveyor System, Enter or Modify the Conveyors, Enter or Modify the Transfers, and Create, Edit, Compile and Execute.