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Woodgrove Digital Engineering P⁄L has been providing computer, PLC and microprocessor based software for the Industrial Automation Industry, with particular emphasis in the area of Warehouse Automation, since 1983.

Unlike other such companies, which configure standard software packages, not designed with the particular application in mind, and expend considerable effort each time to redo what is largely the same job, we produce a package especially designed for the automation of warehouses, allowing us to provide solutions much more quickly, which are more elegant, more integrated, more robust, more maintainable, and so on.

Screen dump from Linux/X-Windows version of
Movement Controller, 
showing the windows for the heavy-unit-load conveyor system, the palletiser,
the carton conveyors and pick-to-light system, and the stores (racking diagram).

We call this package, the “Movement Controller”.

The “Movement Controller” is a personal computer based program, which looks after, in particular, heavy-unit-load and carton conveyors, stacker cranes, palletisers, and pick-to-light displays.

We also look forward to using our expertise to help others to create software of a similar standard for their applications, or to work with those who believe they can further commercialise our product.

Our application-specific software incorporates our in-house compilers, code-generators, code-emulators, graphics-generators, word processors, multi-user databases, database editors, communications drivers, and multi-tasking executives.

Please take the time to understand the scope of the “Movement Controller” product, so as to appreciate what is possible in the application-specific software field.

If, at any stage when reading this web page, you wish more detail relating to a particular aspect of the “Movement Controller” than has been provided here, you may access the “operator's manual” or if you have a particular query, you may send us an email using the form provided at Contact.

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