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Industrial Automation

Other Work

Woodgrove Digital Engineering P⁄L has also been involved with the following projects:

  • The development of a “Local Controller” for Telecom Australia's Time-Domain Cross-Connect system for their digital network.
  • The graphical operator interface for the control of the Sydney Harbour Bridge lane changing.
  • Three-axis machine controller, incorporating high-level programming.
  • Coal handling belt-wagons, crushers, stackers, and reclaimers for Coal India's Pippawar Coal Mine.
  • Bottle Handling Conveyors for Carlton United Breweries,
  • Keg Handling Conveyors for South Australian Breweries.
  • Presentation of consumer survey data using Python, and the Python libraries, NumPy, SciPy, and PyQt4.
  • Microcomputer programs for, in addition to the unit for the THE SAFETY HINDSIGHT FACTOR, hand-held sirens, vibrating feeder controllers, sun-tan demonstration units, dark-room timers, simulation systems for mine sweepers, battery chargers, cow-spine deactivation, pick-to-light display units, and a brothel timer.
  • Development of Mobile Phone Applications (Nokia, Android) using Java.
  • Control of windscreen furnaces for O'Briens Glass, Neilsen and Moller, and Viracon.
  • Monitoring of electricity energy and maximum demand for O'Briens Glass, Marina Mirage, and the Tuggeranong Community Centre.
  • Data recorder for the training sessions for the Orion PC3 aircraft.
  • Timed-based controller for a building in Canberra, for Honeywell.