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Industrial Automation


The diagram below shows the status of palletiser number 4 at Kimberly-Clark's Facility in Millicent, South Australia, as presented on one of the screens from the MS-DOS version of “Movement Controller”.

Screen dump
from DOS version of Movement Controller, showing a
palletiser, converted to a 
“gif” file, thereby losing some of the colour definition

This shows the palletiser finishing a 6U2 pattern, whilst commencing on an 8S1 pattern. All cartons are shown to scale and the states of all devices on the palletiser are shown.

The palletiser control system incorporates the “Conveyor PLC Code Generator” software for the pallet conveyors and aspects of the “Carton Conveyor” system for the carton conveyors as well as presenting, on a single full graphic screen, a scaled depiction of the palletiser showing all remaining status and alarms and, most uniquely, the positions and orientations of each carton, to scale.

This screen also provides for:

  • Operator input for automatic control,
  • Semi-automatic control,
  • Full manual control,
  • Product tallies.

The PLC code handles product changes on the fly, so that in installations where the cartons are grouped into pallet loads from multiple cartoners, there is no wasted time when switching products.

The patterns are created using operator-friendly screens, allowing the designer to view the created patterns before the row sweep, before side compression, before the layer sweep and after the final compression for each layer. Refer to “Defining Palletiser Patterns”.

For more information on palletisers, please refer to the Operator's Manual sections Palletiser Status and Commands, Enter or Modify Products for Pallets, Enter or Modify Palletiser Alarms, Enter or Modify Palletiser Patterns, Enter or Modify Palletiser Product Data, Enter or Modify the Palletisers, and Palletiser Commands.