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Industrial Automation

Schwarzkopf/Innovations Frenchs Forest N.S.W.

This site was originally Avon, and was sold to Schwarzkopf. We replaced the Data General computer system with the “Movement Controller”and the diode-transistor logic cards with PLCs. Schwarzkopf sold it, and it was subsequently purchased by Innovations after being left idle for over a year.

This installation features four stacker cranes, servicing the high rise store and two moderate sized conveyor systems.

The conveyor system is two-level and incorporates drop-rollers at the crane infeeds and outfeeds, alignment bars, weighing and sizing stations, elevators, and two shuttles.

The conveyor system services two forklift infeeds transferring pallets to the infeeds of the four cranes via a shuttle.

Loads reaching the outfeeds of the four stacker cranes (retrieved from the high rise) are conveyed, via the outfeed shuttle to one of two forklift outfeeds.

Communications between the “Movement Controller” and the cranes is via an infra-red serial link.

Communications between the “Movement Controller” and the conveyor PLC was originally by hard-wired serial communications, then, upon converting the PLCs to Allen-Bradley (as mentioned below), the communications was by means of Ethernet, employing Rockwell Software's RsLinx.

Communications between the “Movement Controller” and the host computer system is via FTP/TCP/IP/Ethernet.

All PLCs were Telemecanique. Around the time that site was purchased by Innovations, the Telemecanique PLCs were made obsolete, necessitating their replacement. We replaced these with Allen-Bradley SLC-500 PLCs and programmed them and the mimic diagram using the “Conveyor PLC Code Generator”.

At this time too we installed new computers for the “Movement Controller” and converted the system to Windows XP.