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RCW Rules

Every club must have its rules, so here are ours:

  1. No new rider thou shalt overtake Big Bad Steve up the hill on Annangrove rd.
  2. Equally no new rider is to overtake the Dural Rocket down Halcrows rd.
  3. All riders are to refer to each other as comrades
  4. During the annual RCW dinner do not appear disinterested when Geoff starts discussing the merits of an enviro septic tank.
  5. No bike is to venture within 1.5m of any grey Audi convertible
  6. No rider is to touch any grey Audi convertible.
  7. Any comments that devalue the merits of Titanium, Dura-Ace and Kysrium SE will result in expulsion from the group.
  8. The Tour De Berrilee is to be considered a classic.
  9. There are to be no attempts climbing Bowen Mountain using the 34T crank.
  10. Wiggles.Co.Uk is to be considered the official RCW supplier
  11. All new members are to be affiliated to either a Bushcare or self care community group.
  12. Rosies Café and Pirate Pete’s are to be avoided at all costs - they’ve been known to burn Geoff’s banana bread!!!
  13. The various routes from Windsor to Kurrajong are to be known as Colo Road and Richmond Road. Their correlation with the traditional road names is to be subject to Geoff’s discretion. Also, the Road Warriors Café is to be known as the ABC shop.
  14. Atheists will not be tolerated. If you don’t follow a traditional religion, you should consider the ABC news and current affairs programs or the Australian Labor Party. In any case, the concepts of original sin and guilt need to be maintained, along with the rage. Gough is Great!
  15. No one is to have an accident or near-death-experience unless the incident can be blamed on Greg.
  16. Mouthing off about Pommies, Croats, or Swiss nationals will not be tolerated. Offenders will incur a penalty of carrying 10Kg sand bag, concealed about their person for 10 consecutive ride days.
  17. Respect and compassion should be shown to older crippled members, with serious heart problems, who can no longer keep up with the bunch (but don’t expect them to wait for you).
  18. Heart problems (e.g. paroxsymal atrial fribulation, superventricular tachicardia, pulmunary embolisms, et cetera) are no excuse for stopping.
  19. All the above rules are invalid, however, do try to stay off the agapanthus at Pie-in-the-Sky.