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The map below shows the routes that we are likely to ride of a weekend. The map also labels some of the more important towns, roads, and cafés, and presents the trails recorded by someone's Garmin bike computer and photographs of various places along the routes.

If you are using a small, mobile device, you're better off turning it to landscape mode (horizontal) to view this page. You might need to hit the refresh icon after turning your device horizontally.

  • Along the left hand edge (where shaded), hold down the left mouse-button and drag up or down to adjust the zoom.
  • Elsewhere, hold down the left mouse-button and drag to adjust the tilt and pan.
  • There are points (when outside the shaded area) that you can click on in order to display a photograph, a Google Map, or to bring up another map.
  • You can click on the Google Map legend spot to transfer that “G” to the cursor, then click anywhere on the map to bring up the Google Map for that location. If you change your mind, just click back where the “G” was.
  • Those rides that we have recorded on a Garmin bicycle computer are marked in red. If you move the mouse over one of these it will turn blue, and its name will be presented in the top left of the display. If you then click on part of one of these maps, you will display its gradient chart. This can be zoomed and panned using the same techniques that you used to zoom and pan the map. The cyclist will either get off his bike, or move with the cursor, alternately upon each mouse click. After zooming with the cyclist positioned standing at the start, you can click on the green “Play” triangle, to have him hop on his bike and travel along the route, showing photographs as he passes such points.