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Hindsight Safety Factor

H.E.A.D Demonstration

By clicking on one or other of the images below, you can run a demonstration of the H.E.A.D unit.

     H.E.A.D's Safety Quiz

Four Question Safety Quiz

     H.E.A.D's Golden Rules

Nine Golden Rules

Both these configurations pose questions to the employee, waiting a prescribed period of time before presenting him with the “Y” and “N” buttons. The “Safety Quiz” configuration requires that he answer all questions in the affirmative, whereas the “Nine Golden Rules” configuration provides advice for each question that he answers in the affirmative.

Once you have completed a set of questions, your entries will be sent to our website. The website's response is then presented below:


Assuming that that response is “Thank You!”, which we have every reason to believe it will be, if you, then, refresh this page (press “F5” for IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and possibly others), your answers will be added to the table below, which lists the last 20 completed operations of the H.E.A.D.

Time (GMT)OptionNo. Questions Q. 1Q. 2Q. 3Q. 4Q. 5 Q. 6Q. 7Q. 8Q. 9
15:05 15th January 2023Safety Quiz         
01:17 4th February 2020Safety Quiz2yesno       
04:50 8th March 2019Safety Quiz         
19:21 28th February 2016Safety Quiz         
14:27 27th February 2015Safety Quiz         
14:02 2nd March 2014Safety Quiz         
22:43 21st February 2014Safety Quiz         
15:52 25th January 2014Safety Quiz         
05:11 17th December 2010Safety Quiz1no        
06:51 7th July 2010Safety Quiz1no        
23:10 4th July 2010Golden Rules9noyesnononoyesyesnono
23:39 2nd July 2010Safety Quiz4yesyesyesyes     
23:38 2nd July 2010Safety Quiz1no        
23:32 2nd July 2010Golden Rules9yesnoyesnoyesnoyesnono

In the real application, the “Option” column would not be required, as it is anticipated that your business would have decided whether to implement the “Safety Quiz” or “Golden Rule” approach. Instead, an employee identifier would have been transmitted and listed above.

The above list is read from an SQL-compatible database, which resides on our website. In the real application, this database would reside on your business's website and may be shared with your business's computer, should it reside on the same intranet as the website's server, or else interrogated from your business's computer via the Internet.